Freda Tsen was born in Hong Kong and spent her formative years as a very sick child with severe heart problems following surgery at the young age of six. She was told by her Doctors to lead a quiet life, therefore Freda learned at a young age to observe life around her. It was her Mother who brought home Freda's first colour pencils and encouraged her to try to draw. This was the beginning of a life long daily routine for Freda: it went from daily drawing to daily painting.It was a big upheaval for Freda , a shy only child to move to Vancouver as a teenager. She worked hard at her art during this period: again pushed on by her Mother who was no doubt seeing some very real talent in her daughter. Freda says she would not be painting today if it was not for her Mother's constant support. Although largely self taught, Freda has attended a two year Art College as well as various refresher courses through the years. Not a day goes by that Freda is not drawing or painting. She is not sure weather it is the joy in actually putting her brush of paint to the canvas, or seeing the colours dance before her eyes that give her most pleasure. Since being diagnosed with Diabetes, on top of having to watch her heart health, Freda has learned how important it is to keep active and interested in life : that is exactly what painting does for her. -Theresa Kinahan
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